Double Loop Bow-Tie Bowline

This is a knot that I developed for the cases where both a forward and aft facing bight are needed.

Step 1: Start by making the bow-tie configuration as shown and insert it into the loop for constructing the bowline knot.


Step 2: Continue constructing the bowline.


Step 3: Finish the bowline.


Step 4: Take the inner long bight that formed the bowline and tie a Yosemite tie off with it, then take the single stranded tail of the rope and tie a double overhand knot around one of the loop strands. Once the entire knot is dressed nicely it is done.

The right side of this knot is setup for constructing a per-tensioned back tie and the left side was setup in the same manner as the Double Loop Bowline with a Aft Facing Bight and Clove Hitch.

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