Double Loop Bowline With A Double Sheet Bend And Forward Facing Bight

This knot is useful for construct a pre-tensioned back tie.

Please view the Double Loop Bowline with a Double Sheet Bend page before proceeding.

Step 1: Tie an inside Bowline with a bight of rope instead of the end of the rope.


Step 2: Continuation of step 1.


Step 3: Dress the Bowline knot.


Step 4: Tie a Yosemite tie off using the bight of the rope.


Step 5: Use the long tail of the rope to tie a double Sheet bend around the bight of rope formed from pulling the rope from between the two anchors. Remember to retrace the double Sheet bend as shown.


Step 6: The forward facing bight and the remainder of the rope is now available to be used for constructing a pre-tensioned back tie.

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