Inline Bowline Around an Object

Step 1: Option 1; make a loop of rope around the anchor as shown. Option 2; run a bight of rope around the anchor.


Step 2: Steps 2 through 6 are demonstrating the steps of tying a snap Bowline.


Step 3: Flip the loop of rope from step 2 over the load side of the rope and pull a bight of rope through the loop.


Step 4: Feed a bight or rope through the bight of rope formed in step 3. Make sure you feed the bight of rope in the direction shown or you will get an outside/left hand Bowline which cannot be backed up with a Yosemite tie-off.


Step 5: Flip the loop of rope shown on the right over the four strands of rope on the left while gently pulling on the load side.


Step 6: Make sure that you have an inside/right hand Bowline.


Step 7: Back it up with a Yosemite tie-off. The forward facing bight can be used for the back section of a per-tensioned back tie and described here.

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