Retrievable Knot Chock

This is a HIGH RISK TECHNIQUE! Use only after a lot of successful practicing. I also recommend that you place two or three of these in series and rig the pull side so that only one releasable knot chock releases at a time.

Make sure that each sequential fold in the center of the knot is longer than the last or it will not release properly. If the crack that you are trying to place this releasable knot chock in is too wide you can take the center of the long bight and fold it inward to make the overall knot wider.

Note: It helps to use a nut tool to place this releasable knot chock.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


If there is not enough room for 4 strands of webbing in the crack you can use the spiral method below. The outer strand is the load side and the inner strand is the release side.

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