Retrievable Web-O-Let

Step 1: If you need to shorted the Web-O-Lette tie a double sheet-bend with a double overhand backup around the screw-link as shown.


Step 2: Place the end of the Web-O-Let will it will release without getting caught on something and push a bight of rope through the eye of the Web-O-Let.


Step 3: Take the rope that is running from the screw-link and make a bight of rope and insert it through the bight of rope from step 2.


Step 4: Start making the toggles as shown below.


Step 5: Make each sequential toggle shorter than the previous ones so that they do not lock over themselves during the pull.


Step 6: Make at least three toggles, a carabiner maybe placed through the loops to prevent a premature release of the anchor.


Completed View: As always, back it up for all put the last person down!


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